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Fitness management and workout tracking software for individuals and personal trainers
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Acrocat Software, L.L.C.
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30 March 2006

Publisher's description

PDAbs is a Windows/Mac OS X and Palm OS application that makes it easy and fun for individuals, families, and personal trainers to organize their fitness goals and results. Design your custom workout on your Palm OS PDA, bring your PDA with you to the gym, and simply check off the exercises as you complete them.
You can start using PDAbs immediately. The program has more than 150 workout routines and exercises pre-programmed, so setting up your exercise routine takes only a few minutes. With one tap of the stylus, you're ready to enter a workout, or plan future workout routines. It's easy to sort and view your workouts by person or client, by type, or by date.
In PDAbs' strength/resistance section, you set up your strength workouts, and record seat position and sets. The cardio/aerobic section lets you track the category, time, distance, heart rate, and course that you run, bike, step, or walk. The measurements section allows you to measure your biceps, calves, waist, and other vital targets. The weight section tracks your body weight over time, as well as your blood pressure, cholesterol, maximum and resting heart rates, and more. There's even a payments section so personal trainers can set up client profiles and maintain their billing information.
PDAbs gives you total flexibility when designing or monitoring your workouts. Simply tap the "weight" or "reps" column to change your numbers. Copy a routine from one day to another, and change the order of the exercises. You can even set up additional seat positions for each exercise machine.
With PDAbs you will calculate information for each family member, team member, or client. You can calculate each person's target heart rate range, and record everybody's age, weight, goals, and health considerations. Instead of bringing a notebook or clipboard to the gym, you will use your PDA to track your progress, to then print your workout sessions when you get home or back to the office.

User comments

The first major problem in v20 is that the charts are completely useless as they only track the first set of each exercise. That means if you bench-press 100 pounds in rep 1, 200 pounds in rep 2, and 300 pounds in rep three, the charts will only recognize and track only the first rep. However in the world can Acrobat state this will track your progress when it only tracks your first warm up set? To make matters worse, this MAJOR shortcoming was pointed out to Acrobat two years ago and the company has failed to address this. Read that again…this company ha left its customers waiting for a fix for two years!

The ineffective support by Acrobat is not only limited to the charts. The forums are full of customers complaining about usability bugs that have not been addressed for years. Why would the support team of Acrobat promise fixes and yet never actually address issues such as the charts.

Another major shortcoming of PDABS is they forgot to include the ability to use fractional weights (.25, .5., .75 ). If you used say a 2.5 pound plate, you have to either round it up or down. This is critical for grip exercise and those that micro-load exercises. Again, this was pointed out to Acrobat and nothing was ever addressed.

PDABS is really nothing more than an attractive spreadsheet…save your money.
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